Blooming Seoul Winter - Xtreme Full Frame Zoom Cine Lens Review

The fresh XTREME full-frame zoom cine lens evaluation has been released. Thanks to the UP master of Image exposure right,with the winter color of Seoul presents the movie quality of the XTREME lens.

For the introduction of lens quality that everyone is concerned about, please see the video to understand the actual test results of XTREME image quality, color, aperture, bokeh, breathing effect, etc. For the stream-saving version, please see the text content organized by us.

The overall feeling of XTREME compared to the sharpness of the friend's lens, which has a typical movie texture. When the aperture t3.2 is fully open, most focal lengths of the lens can shoot clear material, and it is truly available in a fully open state. . The shooting picture is full of rich film-like colors, and the overall color of the red camera is thicker. For users who like the texture of film or the feeling of movies, they will definitely feel very comfortable.

When the aperture is fully open, the out-of-focus of the XTREM is soft, and the lens duality control is also quite good. There is no obvious onion ring phenomenon. When the aperture is narrowed at t4 or t5.6, the lens out-of-focus flare will appear slightly 11-sided shape. (The official version of the lens has been changed from 11 lenses in the engineering test version to 9 aperture lenses, and the light spot can be kept round and clean from the maximum to the minimum aperture)

XTREME has excellent breathing effect control, almost no breathing effect can be seen during the focus change process. During the silky focusing process, the picture is stable and the look and feel is comfortable.

XTREME achieves perfect PARFOCAL while taking into account low breathing. Parfocal which can ensure the stability of the expression of works in creation. Changing the focus is a very important factor in the creation of film and television works, and the change of the focus position can highlight different key points of the picture. When shooting with the XTREME, the focus can always be maintained during the full zoom process, and the focus operator or DP will no longer be afraid of losing focus.

When shooting in the face of strong light sources, the shooting of the XTREME lens will form a string of rainbow-shaped glare, the contrast of the picture is slightly reduced, and the overall glare is natural, which can add some relaxed scope to the picture.

UP Master:Image exposure right

Chiopt Xtreme Zoom 28-85mm/T3.2

Camera:Red Mount:PL Mount

Important Notice

The XTREME Engineering version was used for this shooting. During the glare test mentioned in the video, the performance of lens stray light has been optimized for the official version. 

Trust us, our technicians are perfect in every detail soon.