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COMPACT ZOOM 28-85mm/T3.2 Technical Specifications
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After-sales Service

Our products are free of charge for 2 years, we repair any product quality problems within 2 years for free, after the warranty period, we will also provide delivery service, generally speaking, our principle is free if we can, customer satisfaction is more important to us than anything else.

Any other mounts type plan?

At the moment we have three types of mounts: PL, EF and E. The two series of mounts are interchangeable and can be changed by the customer.

The PL mount is our standard type and the EF and E mounts can be purchased separately. 

As to whether other mounts will be available, it depends on the market needs and you can contact our marketing/ sales through various channels such as: our website, WeChat group and other public contact information..

Is it 8K resolution?

The precise measurement quantity of the optical lens is mainly line pairs, 

for example, the range of one millimeter, the number of resolvable black and white, from the angle of resolvable line pairs, our lens meets the requirements of 8K shooting.

Any other products will be lanched next?

Cinema lens will be our long-term business, with a wide range of lenses to follow, such as the SLASHER series, and we will also be developing telephoto zooms and wide-angle zooms.

At the same time, if the industry has other product development advice and suggestions, you are also welcome to reflect to us, we are very willing to listen to and need the voice of the front line of the market, which is very important for our product positioning and development.

Is it possible to borrow for testing?

We welcome the worldwide influential media personnel such as lens evaluation, as well as dealer groups to test our products, we will provide samples and allow the suitable time period for reviewing.

Everyone's needs, experiences, and opinions will be different, and the conclusion will be different. We will all be grateful and respectful. 

However, the number of lenses is limited. If you cannot meet the requirements, you can try to contact our agents and distributors. They will also provide short-term borrowing and testing.