Light is hope, is the source of life

With light, there is a moving and pleasing color and breath, when light from one medium into another, the direction of propagation will change, can gather, can disperse, so we use glass and metal to make exclusive tools for light capturing, and when you hold it to construct the light propagation angle and flux, refraction is all attitudes of the world under the screen. For the tool, undoubtedly, the extreme is brilliant, but the extreme is only one aspect, often accompanied by other aspects of sacrifice, optical lenses in particularly like this. We believe that accord with the friendly, economic, reliable, durable and sustainable development, is the best combination to meet the most common needs of all artists, a good balance of qualities to make a more viable product is the true sense of the EXTREME.


Rigorous innovation is the working philosophy of optical and cinema people, the pursuit of the ultimate is the eternal pursuit of optical and cinema people, capturing brilliant light, in the name of light, promoting the dissemination of culture and art, social progress is our common goal.


CHIOPT hope to create "extreme" inspiration capture tools for every film worker who loves to create, and provide more professional and friendly equipment.

Stimulate your creative inspiration and desire, and live up to every beauty and every hardship you encounter.

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