See some views in autumn shot on Chiopt 35mm 75mm macro prime cinelens
The most beautiful street in the East - Nanjing Yihe Road
Changchun film studio shooting with CHIOPT 8K full frame zoom & macro lens.
8K full-frame macro cinema lens group test
CHIOPT SLASHER Full-Frame Macro Cine Primes from Newsshooter
Shot on #Chiopt Slasher #Macro Prime #Cinelens
Shot by #Chiopt #Slasher Series #Macro Prime #Cinelens
Irresistible romantic temptation, Sakura in the rain
Meet the spring flowers shot on Xtreme2885
Seeing Xiangjiang Beautiful View Shot on #Chiopt #Xtreme75250 #Cinelens
#Chiopt #XTREME2885 virtual production shooting test and work display
Four Seasons Miniature Scene Shooting by Xtreme Cinelens
Seeing Changsha City, Shot by XTREME28-85mm T3.2
IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU __Shot on Sony FX6 + Chiopt Xtreme2885
"The Beach" Shot on #Xtreme75250 by DP USA Brett Eichenberger
Shot on #Chiopt #Cinelens for the #HonorofKings VCR
Shot on #Chiopt #xtreme2885 #cinemslens challenge to open the beer bottle cap
“The Horse”Shot on #Chiopt #xtreme2885 #xtreme75250 Full Frame Cinema Lenses.
Shot on Xtreme75250 by DP Gong Yu
Davinci DC100 | DP Fu Bo shooting with the XTREME 75-250
Xtreme75250 shooting work sharing ▏Shot by Matthew Allard ACS from Newsshooter
Works Sharing| Shot on Xtreme 75250
Works Sharing | ENEFILMS sharing the works shooted in LA California
France | HKVisuals thoughts on the MAVO Edge 6K (Feat. The Chiopt Xtreme2885)
Chiopt XTREME 28-85 lens review for Sunset
Chiopt XTREME 28-85 lens review for Clouds
CHIOPT Xtreme Zoom 28-85 '25h Piazza San Paolino Commercial' by Marco Tomaselli
XTREME CZ2885 Sample 2_720P
XTREME CZ2885_1080P
XTREME CZ2885 Demo_1080P