Extreme exploration of Hala Lake shot on CHIOPT 8K full-frame zoom cinema lens
Chiopt Cine Lens Attend the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Shenyang Branch Shooting.
CCTV Dawan Area New Year Concert
It's so resilient! Directed by Wang Shuai James
China banquet
See some views in autumn shot on Chiopt 35mm 75mm macro prime cinelens
The most beautiful street in the East - Nanjing Yihe Road
Changchun film studio shooting with CHIOPT 8K full frame zoom & macro lens.
8K full-frame macro cinema lens group test
CHIOPT SLASHER Full-Frame Macro Cine Primes from Newsshooter
Shot on #Chiopt Slasher #Macro Prime #Cinelens
Shot by #Chiopt #Slasher Series #Macro Prime #Cinelens
Irresistible romantic temptation, Sakura in the rain
Meet the spring flowers shot on Xtreme2885
Seeing Xiangjiang Beautiful View Shot on #Chiopt #Xtreme75250 #Cinelens
#Chiopt #XTREME2885 virtual production shooting test and work display
Four Seasons Miniature Scene Shooting by Xtreme Cinelens
Seeing Changsha City, Shot by XTREME28-85mm T3.2
IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU __Shot on Sony FX6 + Chiopt Xtreme2885
"The Beach" Shot on #Xtreme75250 by DP USA Brett Eichenberger
Shot on #Chiopt #Cinelens for the #HonorofKings VCR
Shot on #Chiopt #xtreme2885 #cinemslens challenge to open the beer bottle cap
“The Horse”Shot on #Chiopt #xtreme2885 #xtreme75250 Full Frame Cinema Lenses.
Shot on Xtreme75250 by DP Gong Yu
Davinci DC100 | DP Fu Bo shooting with the XTREME 75-250
Xtreme75250 shooting work sharing ▏Shot by Matthew Allard ACS from Newsshooter
Works Sharing| Shot on Xtreme 75250
Works Sharing | ENEFILMS sharing the works shooted in LA California
France | HKVisuals thoughts on the MAVO Edge 6K (Feat. The Chiopt Xtreme2885)
Chiopt XTREME 28-85 lens review for Sunset
Chiopt XTREME 28-85 lens review for Clouds
CHIOPT Xtreme Zoom 28-85 '25h Piazza San Paolino Commercial' by Marco Tomaselli
XTREME CZ2885 Sample 2_720P
XTREME CZ2885_1080P
XTREME CZ2885 Demo_1080P